About us

Julia Hager – Managing Director

Julia Hager

Julia Hager finished her studies of economics at the University of Innsbruck in June 2007. In 2003 she founded her company “Olive & Co” and since then she is trading with high-quality food as

well as agricultural products.

To contact Ms. Hager directly, please send an e-mail to julia@olive-co.at.

Our philosophy

Research and development are our key areas in a global increasing demand for healthy and high-quality products. This is our basic principle for food as well as for our fertilizer including consulting.

This is the reason why for us it is most important to sell only high-quality products and work together with a reliable and authentic production partner.

Olive oil & olives

Since 2003 we are marketing the products of our partner HERMES. Before we started our cooperation we bought 18 of the most expensive olive oils all over the Austrian market and let them analyze in a certified laboratory. Alarmingly we found out, that only 3 of those 18 olive oils were really “extra virgin olive oil”!

With Mr. Evangelos Dimarakis, HERMES we found a more than reliable partner. His love for his olives as well as a high standard of professionalism in all business matters characterizes Mr. Dimarakis. Our excellent friendship makes the working daily routine an enjoyment and that this will go on, we try to improve and develop new products all the time.

Every delivery from Greece to Austria gets analysed and also locally in Ermioni we are personally checking the cultivation, fertilization, harvest and production process.

HERMES is certified for healthy and secure processing and packaging, for example HACCP, ISO, BRC as well as IFS.

Our partner disposes of a longtime experience in production and analysis of olive oil, olives as well as other vegetable products on the export market.

HERMES is only working with the best regional products from local farmers, therefore a sustainable economic growth is guaranteed.

One of our satisfied customers are

  • INTERSPAR and EUROSPAR (olives stuffed with feta cheese, olives stuffed with sundried tomatoes & Bio Kalamata olives)
  • MPreis (olive oil AUTHENTIKON & KALLISTON)
  • Wiberg (olive olive “WIBERG – extra virgin olive oil Peloponnes)
  • as well as many olive (oil) friends!

It would be a great pleasure for us if you try our products! Enjoy the great taste!

Fertilizer & Soil Consulting

To get an extensive overview of a final product, it is important to start the evaluation already at the status of the raw materials. Regarding to the current significance of environmental protection, ecological criteria are more important than nutrients or additives. The product´s effect is checked on the basis of a sophisticated system. Only when the desired effect can be proved significantly, we recommend the product.

Additionally the soil consulting resulted from the fertilizer consulting. Also here the focus is the organic farming and the ecological resilience of soils. The aim is to keep and improve the soil fertility as well as the soil rehabilitation, when the soil has lost it´s vitality due to wrong cultivation.

To contact us, please check our contact details!